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Our Services

We offer counseling services to provide emotional support and treatment for individuals and couples struggling with pregnancy and parenting adjustment, a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder or grief related to infertility or perinatal loss.

We also offer support groups monthly both virtually and in person. 

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Individual Therapy

 Although the experience of parenthood can be one of the most joyful periods of a woman’s life, it, too, can be overwhelming.

If you are experiencing stress, overwhelmed, or other symptoms, please know this is perfectly normal, and therapy can help.

Group Discussion

Support Groups

 Participation in a group often provides the additional benefit of seeing things from another’s perspective, as well as providing a sense that one is not alone in their experience. There are many benefits in being a part of a supportive community.

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Family Therapy

 Families are impacted by such a life changing event that is the perinatal experience. Walking alongside families through difficulty is an integral part of our work at Mills Perinatal Wellness Center.

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Nurturing Roots Scholarship

We will be offering a scholarship program that allows clients to apply for a free or reduced rate per session. This scholarship gives all individuals access to treatment without any financial barriers to treatment. Applications will be available for Summer enrollment in 2024. 


Couples Therapy

We know from the research that conflict increases for 92% of couples in the first year postpartum. We want to support couples through this tough transition into parenthood.


Mills Therapy Internship

 In 2024, we will be opening an internship program to help build strong clinical skills in the up-and-coming generation of therapists. 

Interns will experience in-house trainings and virtual webinars to expand their knowledge in perinatal mental health. Applications and Interviews available Spring 2024.

Hospital Corridors

Birthing Center Outreach Program

Mills Perinatal Wellness Group is building towards a network of collaborative partnerships with other agencies, and institutions to offer an appropriate continuum of mental health care.

Insurance Policy

At Mills Perinatal Wellness Group, we believe that today’s healthcare environment requires clear and responsible communication about financial issues. We are committed to providing the best treatment for our clients and we charge what is usual and customary for our area. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, VIVA, and Cigna and are actively working to accept other insurance panels by the end of 2024.

As an Out-Of-Network Provider, we will be happy to file claims with your insurance carrier to help you get reimbursed. We encourage clients to clarify their benefit information prior to beginning any treatment so that you understand what portion of services will be covered by insurance and what portion will be paid privately. Please keep in mind that all charges are the responsibility of the patient regardless of your insurance coverage. Full payment for deductibles and co-pays are due at the time of service. 

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