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Nurturing Roots Scholarship Application

Mills Perinatal Wellness Group is committed to ensuring that all families have access to counseling, regardless of financial status.  Consistent with this ideal, we offer sliding scale assistance and scholarships covering from 80-100% of the standard rate for services. Scholarship awards will be based on a sliding income scale, availability of funds, slots available, and number of eligible applicants. Please read the following information carefully to ensure you will be eligible for consideration.

Application for Counseling Services Scholarship

This form is only to be filled out if you are uninsured or have Medicaid insurance.

This Scholarship is only applicable to individual counseling sessions and does not apply to any type of testing or assessment.

Funds are limited. ​Scholarship and sliding scale assistance is designed to pay a ​portion​ of the cost of treatment per session​. If approved, families are expected to pay remaining fees at the end of each session in order to maintain their scholarship/sliding scale assistance.

  • To qualify for the sliding scale assistance program or to obtain a scholarship, applicants must complete and submit the following documentation:
    ❏ Completed Application
    ❏ Supporting documents for income verification such as latest tax return and last 
    pay stubs for EACH household member

Donate Today

Help Moms Receive Mental Health Support
by Donating Today

Our mission is to provide underprivileged and underserved families with perinatal mental health access and support. Our maternal mental health programs are not covered by grants or insurance and can only be made possible by donors like you. 100% of these gifts go to our maternal mental health programs and therapy scholarships that give underprivileged mothers the opportunity to recieve skilled therapeutic treatment.

Your donations will help us reach so many moms and by supporting our moms we support our families and our communities. This is the first step in nurturing our community. We start at the root.

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