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Improving Maternal Mental Health Care

What Does Perinatal Mental Health Include?

Perinatal and infant mental health (PIMH) refers to the emotional well-being of a woman, her partner and their infant from conception until 24 months postpartum. This period represents a transitional life stage that can be associated with increased vulnerability to experiencing mental health disorder. Some of these include but are not limited to:  

If you or a loved one are unsure about having any one of these diagnoses, click the links above for a list of signs and symptoms. If you are having any of these symptoms and want support, please do not hesitate to complete the "Contact Us" form below for a consultation.


Our Mission

Mills Perinatal Wellness Group envisions a world that fully supports the emotional wellbeing of mothers in the perinatal period, making our families and communities stronger. Our mission is to bridge that gap one family at a time. We provide telehealth services as well as in person services for select locations!

Support Groups in the New Year!

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We offer both In Person and Virtual support groups to better support our community.

Group session is $25/group and depending on your health plan and benefits (BCBS) covers group therapy. 

Why Mills Perinatal Wellness Group

What makes us stand out you might ask? Mills Perinatal Wellness Group is the only practice in the state that solely provides counseling for those in the perinatal stage of life. Our clinicians are trained in perinatal mental health and many of them have their own stories that have lead them to this type of work and have made them passionate about serving this underserved population. 

Aaron Mills, Owner of Mills Perinatal Wellness Group, experienced a gap in mental health treatment during her pregnancy and postpartum experience. This lead to her wanting to prevent the same struggle she faced by providing psychotherapy to those trying to conceive, pregnant, and/or postpartum. 

We are here to support anyone who feels they could use the extra help. Are you not sure if this is for you? Give us a call and we can talk with you to see if this is the right avenue for you. 

Contact Us

We are accepting new clients. To ask for more information, please fill out the form below or give us a call:

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